MarketNewsRadar optoelectronic integrated monitoring system to ensure the safety of offshore wind farms

Radar optoelectronic integrated monitoring system to ensure the safety of offshore wind farms

Time of release: 2024-05-31 05:05:50

The integrated radar optoelectronic monitoring system is widely used in the Marine scene, and its core goal is to realize the whole area of the water without blind area, all-day, all-weather monitoring. This system can sense and monitor ship information and scene dynamics in real time by integrating radar, optoelectronic equipment, AIS and other technical means.

Multiple intelligent sensing system is the key to achieve this goal. By deploying multiple sensor nodes, such as radar, photoelectric equipment, etc., the waters can be comprehensively and multi-level monitoring. These sensors can collect real-time information about the ship's position, speed, heading, etc., providing strong support for subsequent analysis and decision-making.

Electronic fence technology plays an important role in Marine scenarios. The electronic fence can divide the water into different areas, such as concern area, warning area, control area, treatment area, etc. Different levels of electronic fencing will trigger the corresponding alarm and take the corresponding action. For example, when a ship enters a warning area, the system automatically alerts law enforcement officers to remove the ship. At the same time, with the automatic identification system of ships (AIS), the accurate identification and management of ships can be achieved.

Monitoring near wind farms is also one of the important applications of radar optoelectronic integrated monitoring system. In these areas, in addition to basic monitoring functions, advanced functions such as centralized control centers, scenario analysis, and threat early warning systems need to be configured. These functions can realize the fusion of target information, behavior analysis, intelligent judgment and disposal plan. Through the network of multiple radars and cameras, the area can be covered without dead corners.

The integrated radar optoelectronic monitoring system provides a full range of security guarantees for the safety of offshore wind farms, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Submarine cable protection: Alarm, photograph and evidence collection are carried out for the abnormal behavior of the ship passing through the submarine cable area (such as wandering, slowing down, staying, deviation from the course, etc.).
2. Protect the wind field: Monitor the sea area of the wind field all day, set up early warning and alarm electronic fences, and track, identify and drive away illegal trespassing vessels.

3. Multi-dimensional defense of wind field airspace: regional early warning, regional no-flight, maintenance drones, dynamic tracking, multiple countermeasures against non-cooperative targets, etc.

4. Operation and maintenance ship management: management, track monitoring, collision warning, time statistics, scene playback, emergency rescue and so on.

In the future development process, with the continuous progress of technology and the expansion of application scope, radar optoelectronic integrated monitoring system will play a more important role in the Marine field.

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