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Radar Based Solution for Coast surveillance

Mskyeye radar systems possess high resolution and they are highly effective when you want the clearest possible overview of the vessel traffic in your port.

Monitor & Detect water traffic efficiently

When it comes to monitoring your waters, not all activities are equally important. Luckily, within maritime surveillance radar sensors technology for detecting uncooperative targets, we are providing reliable solutions.


Detecting illegal activities is becoming increasingly demanding, with smugglers, illegal fishers and poachers refining their schemes. To maintain complete situational awareness of your national waters and exclusive economic zone, your coastline or port needs a surveillance system that exceeds the level of modern threats or safety issues.


Our radar solutions have been proven successful in handling critical scenarios, including attempts of trespassing from small and agile hostile vessels.

No matter how close a small dinghy approaches a large ship, or whatever the environmental circumstances may be, our radar solutions give you the highest vigilance on the market. Our radar surveillance systems are designed to give you an immensely clear overview of your maritime domain, regardless of the type or size of vessel approaching your coast (maritime border).

Coastal surveillance

Securing your coast and national interest requires a clear situational picture of what is happening in your territorial waters right now. With our Coastal Surveillance radars, your coastlines and the maritime domain clearly have the highest possible priority.


Avoid delay in port

Naturally, to avoid your port closing down, choosing the most stable surveillance solution is essential.

Problematic scenarios such as traffic jams do not only cost you money in the short term. They also add a question mark to your status as a competitive port, where vessels can pass through hassle-free and within their expected time frame.


Vessel traffic services

Obtain the ideal overview of non-cooperative vessels. Our solutions are built to reduce both sea clutter and small target fluctuation, and thereby improve long-range detection.

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