MarketProductsGround Surveillance Radar LW-R5-D

Ground Surveillance Radar LW-R5-D

Product Introduction:

Security radar is a multi-purpose, coherent, one-dimensional active phase-scan, mono-pulse two-coordinate radar. It can detect walker target ,driving vehicle target and ship target. And has the technical characteristics of low false alarm, low power consumption, high reliability and so on. It can be used in border surveillance, coastal surveillance, key area protection, battle field reconnaissance and other fields.


Ground Surveillance Radar LW-R5-D


1.Technical Specifications

Phase scanning:maximum ±45°, and can be set arbitrarily in the range of ±45°;

Mechanical scanning:Azimuth 360 ° continuous scanning;

Radar host: 350mm×350mm×105mm


2.Radar Function

Security radar is mainly used for border guards and key areas security, detecting personnel, vehicles and other targets. The main functions are as follows:

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