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Anti Drone Radar

Product Introduction:


Low altitude anti-drone early warning radar

Low altitude anti-UAV detection radar is a kind of equipment for UAV detection and positioning developed by Lookout Technology in order to meet the market demand and comprehensively consider the current achievements of electronic and radar technology development. It adopts the technologies of pitch dimension active antenna, high efficiency gallium nitride transceiver module, DBF simultaneous multi-beam receiving, azimuth scanning and structural integration design. It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, high precision and easy to use.

  1. Functional features

(1) It can detect and locate low-altitude targets such as drones.

(2) Display target position, track, speed and other functions on the map.

(3) It has the function of multi-objective sorting and parameter filtering.

(4) With (using) UDP protocol to push data.

(5) It has the function of controlling the launching of radar waves to a certain sector.

(6) It has the function of system power-on self-test, system status monitoring and automatic fault detection.

  1. Main tactical and technical indicators

(1) Radar frequency Ku band.

(2) Radar search range :Rmax≤5km, Rmin≥200m (Pd≥0.8, for typical targets such as DJI series under visibility conditions).

(3) Coverage range: azimuth Angle covers 0°--360°, pitch Angle covers 0°--30°, height covers 10-1000m.

(4) Positioning accuracy: distance ≤10m, azimuth ≤0.5°, pitch ≤0.5°, radial velocity ≤1m/s.

(5) Resolution: distance ≤25m, azimuth ≤3°, pitch ≤4°; Radial velocity ≤2m/s.

(6) Scanning cycle: 2s, starting batch frame number 3 frames.

(7) Target classification and recognition ability: support the recognition of UAV targets such as fixed wing and rotor wing.

(8) Power supply: AC220v±10%, 50Hz±1Hz.

(9) Peak transmission power: ≤500w.

(10) Weight: ≤50kg.

(11) Reliability and maintainability: MTBF ≥10000h, MTTR ≤0.5h.

(12) Number of system detection targets: ≥60.

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