MarketNewsWhat is a perimeter alarm system?

What is a perimeter alarm system?

Time of release: 2024-06-13 05:06:15

Perimeter intrusion alarm system is a kind of security defense system, which uses electric, magnetic, vibration and other detection technologies to realize timely detection and alarm when foreign objects invade the target defense area.

With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, a large number of social wealth, military important places, important facilities, power stations, flammable and explosive materials warehouses, etc., need to use perimeter intrusion alarm system to effectively prevent and ensure their safety.
In order to prevent illegal invasion and various destructive activities, the traditional preventive measures are to set up some barriers or barriers (such as iron fences, walls, wire fences, etc.) at the outer perimeter of these areas, and arrange personnel to strengthen patrols.

Human prevention is often affected by factors such as time, region, personnel quality and energy, and it is inevitable that there will be loopholes and mistakes. Therefore, the installation and application of advanced perimeter intrusion alarm system becomes a necessary measure.


Perimeter intrusion alarm system is an important part of technical defense system, and it is the first line of defense of security alarm system.
The perimeter intrusion alarm system has undergone the following development processes:
1.Infrared intrusion alarm technology
2.Pulse electronic fence intrusion alarm
3.Vibration sensing cable intrusion detection
4.Leakage cable perimeter alarm system
5.Buried cable intrusion detection
6.Microwave sensing intrusion detection alarm

Perimeter intrusion alarm system products, although not currently the largest share of investment in the security system, but it is the most widely distributed and the most important basic subsystem. In the linkage with video security monitoring and entrance and exit (access control) control system, intrusion alarm plays the role of the outpost. Therefore, in the three mainstream system integration modes, the integration with the alarm host as the core is also a highly valued system construction method.