MarketNewsMskyeye Paticipates In CHINA WIND POWER 2021

Mskyeye Paticipates In CHINA WIND POWER 2021

Time of release: 2021-11-10 03:11:37

Mskyeye's wind farm tailored radar based solution has attracted wind farm owners and wind farm company's interest.

Wind turbines are marked with obstruction lights for passing air traffic, making sure the obstacle is visible to pilots and safety is ensured. In addition to this, the new regulation makes BNK systems mandatory for existing and new wind farms with the intention to further reduce light pollution at night. BNK systems combine the obstruction lighting with a system that detects when an aircraft is within a certain range of the wind farm, and turning the lights on at that time.

Mskyeye certified LW-R25 radar  provides full compliance with Anhang 6 for BNK when used in combination with a BNK system. The radar based obstruction light system is compatible with all BNK/ADLS system offered in the German market.