Field Surface Surveillance LW-R15-K Radar
Field Surface Surveillance LW-R15-K Radar

Product Introduction:

The LW-R15-K radar works in the S-band and adopts an active phased array system. Through Doppler coherent accumulation, the system can detect and track low-air moving targets in a full 360°, provide a full range of information, and have all-weather and all-day work. And the characteristics of fast erection and withdrawal.

Technical characteristics:

All-direction two dimensional scanning ability2.Can meet the needs of search and tracking, and other operations;3.Search and track at the same time, so there will be no short-time blind for search and track;4.High repetition frequency PD system,can detect “ low small and slow” targets under strong ground clutter, and can effectively detect and recognize and track hung-over helicopter;5.All solid state,high reliability, can be unattended;6.Small in size, light in weight, suitable for light-duty platform of all kinds.7.Radar components

Antenna  array : two-dimensional circular electronically scanning phased array.Comprehensive processing chassis : Transmit and receive, DBF, power supply, ray, wave control, signal processing, data processing, etc.The portable terminal : Military reinforced notebook or reinforced PDA.

Main Performance Parameter

Radar   systemThree   coordinates, two-dimensional circular electronically scanning phased array
Work   frequencyS   band
Effect   airspace (free space)
Effect   distance for unmanned aerial vehicle  ≥5km
Measurement   accuracy(Root mean square value)
Azimuth   measurement accuracy≤1
Pitching   measurement accuracy≤1
Pneumatic   target≥10   Batch/frame
Data   rate  0.2s~6s Adaptive   adjustable
Reliability   and maintainability
MTBF≥1000   hours
 MTTR≤0.5   hours
Continuous   working ability24   h continuously
Power   consumption≤1kW
Weight≤70kg(reservation   battery not included)
Set-up   & Fold time≤   15min

Field Surface Surveillance LW-R15-K Radar

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