Product Introduction:

LW-R4-DK Radar can be widely used in border / coastal surveillance, key area protection, battlefield reconnaissance and other fields. The radar is a multi-purpose, full- phase parameter, one-dimensional active phase sweep, and single-pulse two- coordinate radar, which can achieve the detection of walkers, driving vehicles, surface ships and other targets.After long-term practical application and optimization and improvement, the radar performance is reliable and stable.

Product Configuration:

1) Adopt active phase scanning;technology to realize azimuthal electric scanning.With high scanning speed, fast speed to change of beam direction and high measurement accuracy for target; configure transfer platform to;realize azimuth 360°;continuous;scanning;

2) Adopt advanced radar signal processing technology, with low radar false alarm rate, clean monitoring screen, and can accurately discover and lock the target; 

3) Have flexible network capability, can flexibly network according to the actual needs, and realize a video and control terminal equipment to control multiple radar hosts at the same time;

4) Each functional component adopts modular design, with clear and simple interface and convenient maintenance; 

5) Exquisite structure layout, light and small volume, easy for transportation, carrying and rapid erection; 

6) Integrated human-machine design, and radar operation is simple and practical; 

7) All active components have been optimized for power consumption, and the overall power consumption of radar is small to adapt to various power supply environments; 

8) The heat dissipation design adopts conduction heat dissipation, all the heat is transmitted to the radar shell, natural heat dissipation through the shell surface; 

9) The overall sealing design of the radar structure meets the sealing requirements of IP66, with dust-proof, waterproof, salt-proof mist and other functions, high reliability and strong adaptability to the environment. The radar can be widely used in border / coastal surveillance, key area protection, battlefield reconnaissance and other fields.

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Main tactical and technical indicators and use requirements

Working system            azimuth one- dimensional active phase sweep single pulse
Operating frequency            X-band 
Operating frequency points              11
Working mode:            search, tracking, fixed-point monitoring and self- inspection
Scan mode:            phase sweep + machine sweep
Phase sweep range            ± 45°, and the scan range can be set anywhere within the ± 45° range Machine range: 360° continuous scan
Tracking mode:            TWS TWS tracking capability: 200 batches (1 tracking 10 batches) 
False-alarm probability            ≤10-6 
Coverage            For personnel: 8km (V 0.5 m/s, RCS=0.5m2, Pd=80%) For vehicles, vessel: 15km (RCS=10m2,Pd=80%)
Minimum action distance            100m
Target speed range            0.5 m/s ~ 50m/s(1.8km/h ~180km / h) 
Distance display range            0km ~20km 
resolution ratio            Distance resolution: 20m Azimuthal resolution: 5°
Error            distance 10m, azimuth 0.4°, speed 0.1m / s 
Continuous working time            724h, which can work continuously as a duty radar 
Power power consumption            200W (including turntable) 
Power supply            municipal power, power station or battery power supply
Weight: not more than 22kg (including turntable)            
Structure dimensions:             Radar host: 450mm 290mm 126mm Transfer table: 230mm 230mm 150mm 
Reliability and maintenance             MTBF 5000h, MTTR 0.5h 
External interface             Interface RJ-45 communication protocol TCP / IP Other Interfaces RS-422 
Environmental suitability             Storage temperature: -50℃ ~ + 65℃Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ + 55℃Relative humidity: 95 ± 3% (30℃, no condensation) Protection level: IP66 (dust density, water spraying) Plateau work: not subject to altitude restrictions, normal work under the plateau environmental conditions


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